6 Best websites that pays $10-$200 for your content writing skills


One of the best and the easiest way to make money online if you are well educated and have flair in writing is by doing content writing. Content writing the new trend and is getting popular day by day. It’s the trend in which there are active websites and publication houses that are seeking writers and pay them for their content. Once approved then you can them send your submissions occasionally or regularly that depends on your contract. If all goes good then, one can build a very good writing business working from the comfort of your home just by doing this. Here’s a list of the best sites that guaranteed pay‘s its writer for their contributions:

1. Income Diary


To start with the first website in our list of sites that pays its writer is the INCOME DIARY. They are well known in this industry as they accept articles about anything which is somehow related to building online business, that how can one build and expand his/her business online. The articles submitted to them can be about making money online, getting traffic, social media, web design, conversion optimization and anything in between. If it’s about building a business online, it will most likely be a good fit for them!

Niche: Online business/making money online

Amount per post: $50 – $200

Payment Method: Paypal

Payment info confirmed on website: Yes


Guest posts are can be published on Be a Freelance Blogger as long as they’re centered on the subject of freelance blogging or something relevant to that. The minimum length accepted by “be a freelance blogger” is 500 words but it observed that longer guest posts do well. One is paid about $50 per post and is also allowed to have a link to your website in your bio.

Niche: Freelance blogging

Amount per post: $50

Payment Method: Paypal

Payment info confirmed on website: Yes



The third website that is in our list of websites that pays its writer for original content is eCommerce Insiders. eCommerce Insiders pays for original and unique content which aims at online retailers and eCommerce industry. The articles can be educational, or it can be a lecture on industry news or trends. They pay $75 per article for articles in the 400 – 600 words range and $125 per article for articles above 600 words.

Niche: eCommerce

Amount per post: $75 – $125

Payment Method: Unspecified

Payment info confirmed on website: Yes

4. Listverse


Its a fact and figure website. The sites dedicated to show list of any thing available on planet either its funny, weird or horror. Its pa exact $100 per article if that get approved. List must contain minimum 10 different points. You should try that out..

Niche: General

Amount per post: $100 per article

Payment Method: Paypal

Payment info confirmed on website: Yes

5. Travel and Leisure


Travel and Leisure accepts articles and features from freelance writers that are based on travel niche. Payment is regularly made but once you’ve been assigned an article.

Niche: Travel

Amount per post: up to $1,000 an article

Payment Method: Unspecified

Payment info confirmed on website: No



BootsnAll pays its writer up to $50 to contribute a travel article. There are various niches one can contribute and the maximum money pay is $50 for an article. Payment is made if article gets accepted.

Niche: Travel

Amount per post: about $50 an article

Payment Method: Paypal

Payment info confirmed on website: Yes

So they were some website that pays more than $5 for your article. I hope you guys like it. This is not the complete list. We are updating for more. If you want to add more sites, contact 2 me.

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6 Best Udemy Course for Internet Marketing you should try


Marketing is a kind of interaction between you and your consumers. If you are great at marketing, then you will attract a lot of customers towards your business. Internet Marketing is also as important as others. It is the age of Social media and internet. If your firm is a success on the web, then it is successful everywhere. If you are not good at internet marketing, then don’t worry. We compiled a list of best courses that are available on Udemy. Here are the Best Udemy courses for internet marketing:

1. The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1


It is one of the best Marketing courses available on Udemy with more than 2,200 students enrolled and a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. The Instructor is Google’s Certified Marketer, and teacher with 40,000+ students enrolled in his other courses. This course consists of 167 lectures of 20 hours of video. You can take this course just for $19 instead of $200 for a limited time. This course also includes a certificate of completion and lifetime access to the course. You can take this course

2. Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2016–Stop SEO & Win With PPC

the-ultimate-google-adwords-training-course udemy

Another course from Udemy is for learning about Google AdWords. The course is designed by Isaac Rudansky who is a certified Google AdWords Pro and co-founder of a company. More than 10,000 students are enrolled in this course, and it has 4.8 stars rating out of 5. There are 81 lectures of 16 hours. The course is available in English, and you can take this course for just $19 instead of $45 here:

3. Social Media Marketing 2016 - Complete Certificate Course


This course is specifically designed for social media marketing and has more than 16,500 students enrolled in it. It consists of 80 lectures of 3.5 hours with additional 1-hour training. Instead of a high price of $100 you can get this course in just $19 for a limited time. It is also named as the most comprehensive social media course on Udemy and was listed in Udemy editor’s choice section. It has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and is instructed by SO ME Academy.

4. SEO for SEO Beginners


SEO is the most important thing in marketing. Without SEO, you cannot get required results from the search engine like Google. The same instructor of the first course, Daragh Walsh is the designer of this course. More than 33,800 students are enrolled in his course. This course has an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. There are 16 lectures of 1 hour. The best thing about this course is that it is available for “FREE.”

5.Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketers


As the name suggests, this course is for Facebook Ads managers. If you want to make your Facebook Advertising campaign effective, then go for this course. This course has 4.3 rating out of 5 stars with more than 3,800 students enrolled. IMSource Academy is the instructor of this course. There are 10 lectures of 1 hour with lifetime access and 30-day money back guarantee. Follow the link to take this course for just $19 instead of $35.

6. Email Marketing For Business


If you own an online business or a website where you need more engagement, then this course is designed for you. You will learn about Email marketing in this course. Email marketing is paramount for businesses to keep up with their customers. You can build an enormous user base with exceptional email marketing. To make your business shine, take this course and become part of more than 1650 students of Mark Timberlake. It has 18 lectures of 2.5 hours. There is 75% discount on this course. You can take this course for just $19 instead of $65.

They are some top rated courses available on Udemy which you use to enhance your skills. I hope you guys like it. This is not the complete list. We are updating for more. If you want to add more sites, contact 2 me.

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5 Best Places to Learn E-Marketing Directly from Experts


There are lots of ways to learn marketing. Learning marketing can be an art which is very essential in the current era. It helps to bring about a lot of positive results and a lot of profitable curves too. This is why marketing is very important and all wise people have understood its importance very well. If you are looking for the best places to learn marketing tricks directly from experts then there are a few ways you could do that.

Knowing the best places to learn marketing tricks directly from experts can save you a lot of time and speed up your success too. There are various places that are very helpful for marketers but places are distinguished if you can learn directly through many areas. This is why the best places to learn marketing ticks directly from experts are given below:


This is a relatively new place to learn from though it has become very popular in a short lapse of time as well. It is a community based content sharing website that is formed by inbound marketing leaders. This is why it is also named after them and is the most trusted advisor for marketing too. It is also considered the best home for education based websites as well. It is in actual a marketing strategy to find larger audiences and targets as well.

2. Warrior Forum

Warrior forum is truly dedicated to internet marketing all the way. It includes many aspects of internet marketing in each of its categories. These include different discussions through warrior offers, seo through forums, warrior war rooms for instant advices, warrior hiring for programming purposes etc. It also has a separate discussion for internet marketing discussions so that support can be found through affiliate programs as well.


The name indicates it all. There are lots of pure and simple techniques to learn SEO available here. This way you can learn marketing over internet very well too. Its allow you to post new articles related to emarketing and connect to top leaders easily.

4. Search Engine Land


Searchengine land is also one of the very best places to learn marketing tricks directly from experts. The name says it all exactly. The search engine is truly a land full of a lot of tips, tricks, as well as advices from different domains and different areas to guide you and help you alongside as well. Direct advice is probably the most beneficial advice which is why this land is actually full of help for all. It is the true treasure land for all marketers out there. A lot of tips and techniques can be learned and discussed fairly easily and in no time at all.



This is a very popular social media place. However, it is also very good for promoting stories due to which marketing can be done easily through techniques found here too. People loves to shares articles related to marketing and also love to comment on it.

If you look at the above mentioned top 5 places then you shall acknowledge that these are truly the best places to learn marketing tricks directly from experts. Hence, make sure that you utilize all of them and stay connected to them for sheer, instant as well as varied exposure and knowledge of many marketing tips and tricks that are already proven in the market. This is not the complete list. We are updating for more. If you want to add more sites, contact 2 me.

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9 Best online Domain name generator especially #5


If you are going to start a website or blog, then you will need a great domain name. Many people make mistakes by choosing long, unattractive, copyrighted and hyphen included domain names. You should not make these mistakes as it will affect your SEO and brand image. If you are having issues in choosing a perfect name, then you should try domain name generators that are available for free. Here are best free domains to generate name for your next domain:

1. Name Mesh

One of the best domain name generators is Name Mesh as you don’t need any complicated settings to tweak. Name Mesh allows you to generate domain name simplest way possible. Just type a keyword of your desire and get related results on the go. For Example, I want a domain name for a tech website then I will try keyword “Tech” for my domain. Name Mesh will take care of the rest by showing me available and related domain names. It shows domain names under “common”, “new”, “similar”, “fun” and “short” headings.

2. Lean Domain Search


This domain name generator is also ranked as one of the best on the web. Just like Name Mesh, this tool is also simple. Just search a keyword, and you will see a lot of domain names. You can also sort them by popularity, alphabetically or length. It can also show more focused results using search term filter.

3. Bust a Name


This tool might not look so cool like Name Mesh or others, but it is full of features that other tools don’t have. Don’t confuse design with its ability to search great domain names for you. It can generate domain names using prefixes, suffixes, hyphens, and plurals. You can also search for domains by dropping the last vowel of a word.

4. Domain Puzzler

This domain generator tool is for people who want a simple interface that functions like other tools. If you are one of those people, then this is for you. You can search domains by typing a bunch of words and setting extension. For more advanced options, you can try “Advanced” tab there.

4.Business name generator by Shopify

Shopify offers many free services, and this business name generator is one of them. There is nothing more than any other plugin, but it is one of the quickest and easy to use tool available.

6. DomainsBot

The reason that DomainsBot shines is that it will notify the expiring date of a particular domain. It allows you to track a domain name that is owned by someone else and s going to expire so that you can claim it in time.

7. Name Station


You might think that this tool is same just like others. But Name Station is different from others in one way. It’s more than a domain name generator. Name Station is a community where you can search for domain names, host a contest and also crowd source suggestions. Creative people of this community will help you in selecting a great domain name.

8. Panabee

Panabee is another domain name generator that helps you in selecting domains. But it has some additional features as well. Panabee will show related terms of your original search. It also checks social media usernames on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram for you.

9. Dot-o-Motor


This tool works reasonably. You can start by making a list of beginning and ending words. After that, click on the “Combine” button, and you will get your results. Mobile App for is what makes this tool unique from others. You can generate domain names on Mobile as well.

This is not the complete list. We are updating for more. If you want to add more sites, contact 2 me.

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7 Best WP Plugins you cant avoid even if you want to


7 Best WordPress Plugins that you can avoid even if you want to. Yes you read right, These have become essential part of your wordpress website. has more than 40,000 plugins to improve a website’s functionality. But you should always choose the best plugins to enhance your site & its experience. It will help you to manage your WordPress site easily, and more users will engage with your content after delivering a better experience. From the repository of more than 40,000 plugins, these are the best plugins for your WordPress website that you must use:

1. Yoast


SEO is the heart of blogging as it helps in ranking websites higher in Google search. The content you write should be SEO optimized. Yoast SEO is the best plugin for this. Yoast SEO helps to write an article with a focused keyword. It will also let you know the readability of a post. Yoast SEO also manages snippets. You can set different snippets for Google, Facebook, and Twitter according to your need. That is why Yoast SEO is the best plugin for a website.

2. Akismet

Do you have a post that went viral on the internet? Spam comments will ruin the party if you haven’t installed Akismet. It is the best plugin to manage comments. Akismet automatically detects Spam comments and helps you in focusing on the website instead of managing comments all the time. Don’t worry about Spam if you are using Akismet.

3. W3 Total Cache


Site Speed is one of the most important things that Google consider while ranking a website. It also influences your viewers to visit your site again and again. Nobody wants a slow internet site. Viewers don’t wait for your site to load; they will switch to the other immediately. So that’s why W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to make websites faster. Do you have a slow site?

Don’t worry; W3 Total Cache is here to help you. It not only optimizes the performance of your site but also compresses the pages for quick downloads and speed. W3 Total Cache will help you to reach your goal.

4. SEO Friendly images

SEO is the heart of blogging. If your website is not SEO friendly, then Google will not rank it higher in search results. Images also play a significant role in SEO. There is more than just inserting images in your blog posts. This plugin allows you to add title and alt attributes to images so that your site can rank higher in Google.

4. Google Analytics for WP


Google’s Analytics is the most powerful & free tool for bloggers. It helps a lot, especially in marketing. Knowing stats of your website without leaving WordPress is much more convenient than to log in separately. Google Analytics for WordPress shows analytics in the WordPress dashboard. There is no need to leave your site & log into another to see traffic stats of your website. Just install this plugin and see stats including real-time traffic right in WordPress dashboard.

6. Backup Buddy

Taking a backup is wise and satisfying. Backup Buddy is your best friend here. You can set automatic backups and store them in the cloud. You must install this plugin if you want to prevent data loss.

6. Sucuri

Nothing is safe from hackers. Any website can be hacked. But it is better to take precautionary measures. Sucuri is the plugin that can be used to monitor sites. It offers real-time alerts, website security scanner, and malware removal service. Don’t be lazy about your site security.

Hence,  above these WordPress plugins are plugin that you can not afford and you have to use them. You can find their alternative but they are the best in their category. This is not the complete list, but the proven one. We are updating for more. Make sure you reap all the benefits by implementing all of these in your website well. If you want to add more sites, contact 2 me.

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5 Best sites you should have your profile on to showcase your value


There are lots of websites that are popping up everyday in the world of social media and the internet. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be found here. There are separate platforms for photo and video sharing, different platforms for idea sharing, etc. All these are too beneficial in their domains. This is why knowing the 6 best websites that every professional should have a good profile to get technical work has become quite confusing, no result giving and sometimes even terrible and difficult as well.

Here, we are talking about 6 best and highly recognized websites that covers almost all the professions and that you should have profile on to showcase your engagement to the world to your employers. In today’s world we all want to good or alteast satisfying job but very few of us are actually on the right track to do so. So check the list below to learn why you have account on these sites.

1. Stack Overflow

stack overflow

Stack overflow is the name and place for programmers. The world of computers is growing and so is the need for programmers. Hence, this is great for all programmers to make a profile here, learn, and share their knowledge to advance in this field well.

2. Quora


Quora is the wonderful website to show your skills to the world. I think this is the best after stack overflow. In stack overflow you solves problems of others but here you truly tell people that you know. Now only this but you also free to show what type of person you are because Quora is not bound with particular sector so you can choose any topic to discuss about like  politics, art, engineering, life etc. You should have account on it.

3. Linked In


There are a lot of employers here who constantly seek good CVs to hire. Hence, make a good profile here and add all your skills, schools, degree etc here to get hired perfectly. You can contact employer directly or you can send your resume directly to the companies.

4. Wiki How


Knowing how about everything is truly important. It makes you do things in a better way with greater understanding. Wiki how has their onw readers and a different pattern to show what you know. Its easy to start working on it.

5. Twitter


Twitter increases the reflection that you have on anything. It helps to know your life’s ways. This is why a good Twitter profile is necessary to know additional information that many employers want to know of.

6. YouTube


You Tube is the most widely known platforms for sharing any video, or getting to have information about anything at all. Having an account here means you are an informative and up to date person and you can get knowledge of anything that you are assigned at anytime anyhow. This increases your credibility which is why having a profile here is important. Also its completely a different platform so having a 1000 subscribers can increase your importance in your resume.

Now that you know the 6 best websites that every professional should have a good profile to get technical work make sure your next step is to make a good profile on all these and get familiar with them as soon as possible.. So make sure you don’t lose any opportunity and get started right away. This is not the complete list, but the proven one. We are updating for more. Make sure you reap all the benefits by implementing all of these in your website well. If you want to add more sites, contact 2 me.

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Best techniques to get SEO clients, especially #2 Check it now


The world is all about traffic nowadays. Just a couple of years back this sentence would have actually made no sense at all. But today it is actually almost everything for any area too. There are scores of articles full of the 5 best ways to increase your traffic. Some do prove to be fruitful while others are nothing but an utter waste of time. Hence, if you are also looking for 5 best ways to increase your traffic then it is good you know the nature of your work beforehand too. It will help to have and utilize these 5 best ways to increase your traffic very effectively and efficiently as well. While there might be many ways but the 5 best ways to increase your traffic are given below. They obviously have a lot of advantages which is why they are important to be known now.

1. Get Reference:


Referral is probably the most important step or the first step to increase traffic your way for your website. Make sure that you get a lot of referrals from other sites and famous names so you are redirected in the best possible way with lots of directions and leads coming your way. It is the speediest form for traffic through links of referrals.

2. Google Trends


Advertising and getting social is the best way one can increase traffic. If you have something that is distinct, unique, trending, latest, and the most updated then you will surely be on top. There will be lots of traffic coming your way. This is all done through the simple source of Google Trends. They are the best way to know about them and use them in your website to get more visits.

3. Include forums in your website


Forums are undoubtedly some of the very best ways to bring a lot of visits back and again to your website. Forums drive up a lot of hot discussions, queries, answers, advices, tool developments and knowledge. They also contain different ideas and opinions along with their experiences. People are always up on to following threads and joining forums to know more. This is why people returning or joining your forum will bring a lot of traffic for your website.

4. Create & sale an e-book for just 99 cents


There are a lot of enthusiastic readers out there. They can do anything for their leisure and ultimate pleasure. If you create an e-book and then sell it on the most popular website of Amazon with very reasonable rates like just 99 cents, then that can bring a lot of people to you too. They will later look for the author and start following your website or refer it as well.

5. SEO Agency Analyzer

seo agency analyzer

This is a wordpress plugin which after installing will turn your website into amazing SEO tool. Similar like many  other SEO tools like SEO site checkup, SEO detective, mysiteauditor  etc. All you need to install it and paste its code anywhere you want. After getting it, you can pitch your client that you know how to do SEO because you have SEO tool also.

This is not the complete list, but the proven one. We are updating for more. Make sure you reap all the benefits by implementing all of these in your website well. If you want to add more sites, contact 2 me.

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Best ways to waste time on internet without actually doing so.


The thing of things INTERNET is having a very vast domain. Many of us are just aware about some popular websites which are of daily use.  Apart from this majority of us are concentrated to social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. It can’t always be that whenever on internet you always are productive. What about those times when you just want to surf the internet aimlessly? What if one day after surfing all these sites you still get bored?   Here we present a list of websites that help you in wasting your precious time on internet.

1. Super cook


If you still want to surf the internet in a semi-productive way, the do surf the site SUPERCOOK.  As the name suggest it’s a website related to cooking but quite different from the traditional cooking websites. Here’s how it works: You fill in the gaps provided that which all ingredients are present in your house. Then it gives you a big list of recipes you can make using just those ingredients. It’s a fun way to stay thrifty, clean out the fridge, and make sure food doesn’t go to waste.

2. Sense-Lang's Balloon Typing Game


Adding to the list of websites that help in wasting time on internet is Sense-Lang’s Balloon Typing Game. There are a lot of typing games out there on internet, but Sense-Lang’s Balloon Typing Game is one of the simplest and the most addictive. Small balloons with letters inscribed on them float on your screen and your job is to burst/poke them by hitting/pressing/clicking the right key on the keyboard before they reach the bottom.

3. Giphy


The third website that can be used to waste time on internet is Giphy. Apparently seeing the name some guess can be made. Yes, that’s right Giphy is a GIF creator. Just type in the word or emotion for which you are searching GIF and here you have the perfect GIF’s. This site comprises a huge database for all kinds of GIF’s. You can just stop at the first one or continue your never ending search.

4. Weave Silk


Another fun loving and addictive site that helps in wasting time on internet is Weave Silk. One can create or draw stunning and beautiful symmetrical images with the help of your mouse. Just click, click and click and here you are beautiful abstract and symmetrical images are created.

5. Qiwi

The next addition in this list of sites that help in wasting time on internet is Qiwi. It’s an online tool that helps in converting pictures and videos into brief movies. This tool can be used to create instant movies to wish someone or a very mini presentation to be delivered in a while.

6. Incredibox


Next is Incredibox. A website that helps you in creating your own personalized music. Sitting and getting bored, go watch out for this site and create your own music. Here no one judges you, but rather provides you the best to nurture your talents.

This is not the complete list, we are updating for more. But I hope this list never lets u get bored and make your precious time spent on internet to be productive, entertaining and learning as well.  If you want to add more sites, contact 2 me.

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How to generate more SEO leads?



Well there many ways to generate SEO leads but there are very few of them which can actually generate leads. I am trying to write down some of them which helps me to generate SEO leads so that I could earn.

  1. SEO Agency Analyzer:

    This is a wordpress plugin which after installing will turn your website into amazing SEO tool. Similar like many  other SEO tools like SEO site checkup, SEO detective, mysiteauditor  etc. All you need to install it and paste its code anywhere you want.seo-agency-analyzer-banner

  2. Fiverr:

    No, dont use to create GIG of SEO. But you can do more better than that. Create account on fiverr the make 2-4 gigs dedicating to SEO and marketing then make make friendship other people like SEO, web designer, logo designer etc. Share some part of your income with them per client and bingo… You may earn unlimited.


  3. SEO Resume:

    Simple way to earn SEO clients is to earn SEO related companies. Make a great SEO resume and send them to SEO companies via linkedin and such professional sites. Believe me you many have 1 big client after sending resume 10 time.




So I have written few techniques which are 100% working and has been tested by me. I hope you liked this. Please you have other techniques to grab SEO clients, let us know. I will share it with your name.

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